The entire logistics of pallet business in one place.

Why Pallet Insights?

Reduce Cost - some features, such as travel tracking with GPS modules, can reduce cost by more than 10%.

Common User Interface - standardized user interface that works on any device and operating system enables you to move from one device to another with no difficulty.

Reduce Software Licensing - Pallet Insights modules allow you to manage your pallet logistics with one cloud-based application.

Digitization of Production - moving endless Excel sheets or physical papers into one application helps you organize your work better and makes it easily accessible.

Seamless Integrations - Pallet Insights integrates with ERP, Accounting, Payroll and other applications to optimize your business.

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With strategic module design and custom
features, Pallet Insights can meet virtually
any business requirement!

Some of the most popular modules are:

User Management Module

It is utilized to create new users, assign the user roles, add/edit permission for a given role, delete a user, etc.

Dispatch Module

In every part of the process, Dispatcher can send a note to the driver or get a driver's daily activity report.

Daily Board View

All the Shipments with their status and all Collections requested by Pallet Supply partners can be seen.

Driver Loads View

When a driver logs in, all loads that the driver has to deliver/pick-up are shown as well as detailed info.

Map Module

This feature provides an option for users to track and to show all Shipments and Collections on the Map.

Production Module

A key feature of this module is to track production activities and to generate related reports.

Customer Portal

Customers can track Shipments/Collection activities and get insight into the most important parts of the business.

Reports Module

All reports are classified in several different categories allowing users to generate different types of reports.

Digitalization of Production Activity

Utilizing different technologies and
pulling production data from
other systems.

Paycom Integration

It allows users to import the proceeded
production/ payroll data to Paycom from

Inventory Module

This module provides an option to
maintain a perpetual inventory reconciliation
every day.

Digital Grade Sheets

The Forklift Operator (Loader) enter grade sheets digitally in real-time, reducing potential data entry errors.


Sometimes you need to connect your tools!

We make sure that all integrations with Pallet Insight are running smoothly!
Integrating your current tools with Pallet Insights helps you be more organized and productive. No need to run separate systems; we can make complex tools work in perfect harmony.
Pallet Insights integrates accounting, ERP, payroll, pallet tracking and pallet design applications including Microsoft® Dynamics NAV, Sage®, Paycom®, e4score™ EZTrack, NWPCA’s Pallet Design System™ (PDS) and any others with an available API.

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• Areas of expertise include pallets, boxes, crating, protective packaging, and custom solutions.


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What our Clients say

Pallet Insights enables Pallet Logistics of America to achieve a new
level of efficiency in running our operation. The Helioz team
provides awesome customer service and is adding capabilities to
help us better serve our customers.

- Brad Cutcher,

Chief Operating Officer, Pallet Logistics of America

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